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Resources for ESL and Classroom Teachers

You’re about to embark on a journey of discovery, where you’ll learn new skills and strategies to support your ELL students. Take a look at all of the links and start making little changes that could make a big impact on your students!

Teacher Helping a Student

Quick Tips to Create a Welcoming Classroom for ELLs

How to Create a Welcoming Classroom Environment for ELLs:

1. Learn how to pronounce students' names correctly.

2. Don't forget to smile and use positive body language.

3. Identify students' strengths and interests.

4. Invite students' culture and language into the classroom.

5. Learn more about the resources available in students' home languages.

6. Ensure your students see themselves reflected in the classroom.

7. Assign ELL students a buddy in the classroom.

Raising a Hand

ELA scaffolds:

*Teach academic vocabulary     

*Integrating oral and written language instruction into content area teaching

*Provide regular, structured opportunities to read for multiple purposes

*Provide regular, structured opportunities to write

*Capitalize on students' home language and knowledge

Math scaffolds:

*Provide concrete and visual models

*Provide graphic organizers and foldables

*Use multimedia to enhance ELLs' comprehension of mathematical concepts

(these are all in addition to the ELA techniques above)

Teacher and Student

1. Use the Frayer Square to teach new vocabulary. Click here

2. Practice think-pair-share.

3. Provide sentence starters.

4. Display word wall units.

Outdoors Tutoring

How to Say "Hello" in Different Languages


Quick Links and Helpful Resources

Please utilize these to help support your ELLs in Reading, Writing, and Math

Reading In a Bookstore
Outdoors Tutoring

I would love to help and support you on your ELL journey!

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